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What are decorations

In order to make the home decoration effect more refined and perfect, many families like to put some decorations indoors, which can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also improve the grade of interior decoration. Therefore, the decorative effect of home decorations is obvious, so home decorations What types are there? How about the decoration effect? If you are interested, let's take a look at it with the editor.

1. Ceramic crafts

Ceramic crafts are high-end products, basically hand-made works. Every link from soil to molding is rich in artistic elements. Ceramics themselves have a pivotal position in our historical heritage. Now with the improvement of living standards, Nowadays, ceramic crafts are more and more popular, and they are expensive.

2. Glass crafts

Stained glass is a kind of decorative glass that is often used in home decoration. Stained glass has rich and beautiful patterns, so it is very suitable to use stained glass in the living room, which can bring better decorative effect to the decoration.

3. Fabric decorations

The essence of fabric decorations lies in the design and adjustment of the indoor environment and atmosphere, integrating the functionality, personal taste and hobbies of the indoor space, showing the charm and connotation of indoor culture, and giving people a kind of beautiful enjoyment and pleasure .

4, iron crafts

Iron crafts can be matched with any decoration style, so they are also relatively common. The main features are smooth lines and perfect texture. They are mainly used in stair handrails, balcony guardrails and other parts.

5, plants

Putting some flowers and plants indoors can effectively purify the air on the one hand, but also beautify the environment. You can arbitrarily match different styles of interior decoration styles to bring vitality and vitality to the interior.

The above are some common interior decorations, different decorations can bring different decorative effects, so if you want to choose a suitable interior decoration, you can determine the suitable decoration according to the interior decoration style, and bring more to the family Warm.

How to apply rural style in home decoration

Overview of home interior design style

At this stage, the home interior decoration style can be roughly divided into the following types: traditional style, modern style, pastoral style, simple style, luxurious style, mixed style. Regardless of the decorative style, it emphasizes functionality and comfort to strengthen its decorative, aesthetic, and cultural functions.

Each decoration style has its own characteristics. Traditional style emphasizes traditional design techniques and highlights the charm of traditional culture; modern style expresses modern aesthetics, and pays more attention to the application of modern methods and the application of modern high-tech in home decoration. The pastoral style emphasizes elegance, giving people a comfortable sense of return; the mixed style is currently the most common interior design style, and the mixed style emphasizes the functionality of interior design.


The Regional Trend of Rural Style Home Interior Design

1. The era hierarchy of rural-style home interior design

The rural-style home interior design is based on the rural natural scenery as the bionic object, and the natural imitative design style is used, and the rural natural landscape is the bionic object, and the natural rural-style home design is carried out. The design of the children’s room uses fresh green as the main color, and the natural color is strongly adjusted to match the natural moonlight type. The room seems to be in the quiet and beautiful countryside, the whole room seems to be in the quiet and beautiful countryside, the whole room seems to be in the quiet and beautiful countryside, the whole room seems to be in the quiet and beautiful countryside, so as to return to the natural countryside. Life is the background, and the whole room seems to be in a quiet and beautiful countryside, with the green color returning to nature as the keynote.

2. The interior design of pastoral style homes should also reflect the regional culture

Rural style home interior design, while the Chinese pastoral style is based on the theme of natural tranquility and humanity, with natural tranquility and humanity as the theme, clear and lively, expressing the eastern regional cultural characteristics in the form of natural world, and traditional Chinese culture As the main body, with culture as the decoration, with culture as the carrier, with nature as the decoration, with strong Eastern culture as the characteristic, with strong European culture as the carrier, pursuing the profoundness and romance of European culture, plus having more oriental regional characteristics The pastoral style can better reflect Westerners’ pursuit of romance and refinement, and emphasizes the comfort and elegance of the overall environment.

Europeans’ attitude towards life is mostly the pursuit of a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere, as well as a more romantic style. Therefore, most of the European pastoral styles are full of romance. All use more broken flowers and rustic decoration to achieve a better simple and elegant feeling.


What are the problems in the interior design of pastoral style homes? Briefly understand

1. The traditional colors are too strong

The overall home decoration design is still in the development stage, and the design ability needs to be further improved and perfected. Relatively speaking, there are many problems. The most typical problem is that in the overall pastoral style design process, the color is too strong and the color is natural. The application also lacks a sense of the times. There may be some problems in the pastoral style interior decoration design, which is bound by the traditional culture and the combination of the mainstream decoration techniques of the times. Let traditional colors occupy a major position in the entire design process, and cannot express the characteristics of the entire era.

2. Excessive pursuit of rural style

There is a lack of space to coordinate with the surrounding environment. For example, in a small European-style residential area, the interior decoration of the rural pastoral style is designed mainly in Chinese style, and the coordination between the surrounding environment and the interior decoration is ignored, such as in a European-style residential area. In the small residential area, the interior decoration of the pastoral style is designed in Chinese pastoral style. The doors and windows are full of Chinese pastoral style, full of pastoral flavor, pastoral style full of pastoral flavor.

3. Too luxurious

The pastoral design that has weakened the pastoral flavor lies in being closer to nature. Many designers appear to emphasize their design style, regardless of the decoration methods and material requirements. They are too particular about the natural style that these people pursue. The natural styles of "in the garden" and "in the garden", and their natural styles of "in the garden" and "in the garden" cannot reflect the natural style of "field" and "garden".


How to solve the problems in the interior design of pastoral style homes? Briefly understand

1. A relatively professional team

If you want to better solve the design problem of pastoral style, the most effective way to exist is to build a more professional team, so that the overall home improvement style can be better solved in terms of market demand. Only in this way can we solve this problem from the root cause and reduce the development problems in all aspects in the later period. The establishment of a professional team can make home design more professional and personalized.

2. Coordination and integration of interior design, surrounding environment and personal qualities of the owner

The pastoral style is not a design. It should not only be organically coordinated with the surrounding environment, but also be combined with the owner's personal qualities and preferences, and entrust the owner's psychological appeal. Therefore, when designing the style of the garden, the designer should fully consider the identity and personal cultivation of the occupants, so that the design can be coordinated and integrated with it in order to design more satisfactory works. Strive for richer connotations, richer cultural heritage, stronger humanistic atmosphere, and more emphasis on the harmonious unity between man and nature, and more closely combine this style with a sense of fashion, highlighting the characteristics of modern home style.

Conclusion: The rustic flavor continues to this day with its unique vitality and is accepted and passed on by people mainly because it can create a spiritual sustenance for people to return to nature. The reason why pastoral songs are recognized and loved by more and more people is that it conforms to people's natural and romantic return to the soul. As a designer, under the premise of adapting to the development of the times, we should continue to study and inherit traditional elements, and apply them more in modern interior design, so that the "pastoral style" can truly be integrated into people's lives. In addition, in the modern interior decoration design, the plant pattern is integrated into it, which can achieve the harmony and balance between man and nature. Compared with other decorations, plant patterns can better meet the needs of modern people, and its diversified shapes can also match the interior space well, and enhance the taste of interior space design.